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SF6 insulated load break switches
rote Linie

Type INEXT       
  rated voltage [kV] 24 / 36
  rated current [A] 400 / 630

rated short-time current 1s [kA]

up to 20

The INEXT are very reliable high quality SF6 insulated pole mounted on-load disconnectors for outdoor installations in distribution networks available with rated voltages from 24 to 36kV and rated currents 400 or 630A. They are installed in horizontal position.

The SF6 enclosure is made out of stainless steel and is fully welded. Their operation can be done manually or motorized. A clear signal indicates the open and closed positions.

The INEXT are available in following versions:

"AA" - aerial line conductor for incoming and outgoing cable
"AS" - aerial line conductor for incoming cable and isolated cable outgoing
"SS" - incoming and outgoing with isolated cable

The disconnectors are type tested according to IEC 62271-100 and designed for use under normal operating conditions.

Insensitive to environmental conditions such as ice, wind, rain or industrial pollution
High electrical and mechanical endurance
Compact design
Easy integration in communication systems
Minimum amount of maintenance
Some Technical Features
Completely welded stainless steel SF6 tank in IP67
Arc proof tested 20kA /1s
Ambient temperature from -25°C up to +55°C
Safety valve on the rear side
SF6 pressure measurement including blocking valves
Manual or motor operation (option)
Remote control (option) for outdoor use accepting a wide range of communication protocols

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