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Air-insulated load break switches
rote Linie

Type Fla 15/97      
  rated voltage [kV] 12 - 38.5
  rated current [A] 400 / 630

rated short-time current 1s [kA]

up to 16
  rated short-circuit making
current [kA]

up to 25


The FLa 15/97 are very reliable, high quality air-insulated pole mounted load break switches with vacuum interrupters to extinguish the arc. They are available with rated voltages from 12 to 38.5kV and rated currents 400 or 630A suitable for horizontal or vertical installation.

The vacuum interrupter is embedded in a patented weather-proof polymeric housing providing the external insulation strength without the need of a liquid or gaseous medium. This switchgear is therefore also recommended for special applications e.g. in water protection areas.

The FLa 15/97 is capable of switching its rated current as well as its rated short-circuit making current via the main contact system. The disconnection via the shunt-connected vacuum interrupters results in no external arcing phenomena.

The FLa 15/97 are tested according to latest standards and designed for use under normal operating conditions.

Insensitive to environmental conditions such as ice, wind, rain or industrial pollution
High electrical and mechanical endurance
Fast dielectric recovery after the breaking process
Low contact wear
Compact operating mechanism
Very long service life
Some Technical Features
Eccentric make-and-break mechanism ensuring mechanical strength class M2
Amply dimensioned cross-sections
Live components of contact system are of electrolytic copper and silver-plated in compliance with QTL 200
Insulators made of cycloaliphatic cast resin
External metal parts made out of rustproof steel
Interchangeable with switches type FLa 15/60, FLa 6400 and FLa 6410

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