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Automatic sectionlizer
rote Linie

Type SEIN  
  rated voltage [kV] 15 to 36
  rated current [A]



Pick up current [kA]

12 to 140

  Response time [ms] <50

The automatic sectionalizer link SEIN constitutes a radical revolution in the field of protection of derivations and branches in electrical overhead distribution systems. It is a completely self-contained single phase device designed for use with an up-stream circuit breakers or auto reclosers with voltage ratings from 15 to 36 kV.

Recent statistical studies show that approx. 90% of the melting of expulsion cut-out fuses used on overhead lines happen due to transitory short circuits caused by electric storms, contacts with branches of trees, etc. The total replacement costs of the melted fuse link can be as high as the cost of a new expulsion cut-out fuse.

The SEIN provides an economic solution to this problem assuring the effective isolation in case of a permanent local fault but staying inert in cases of transitory currents.

The SEIN provides also a solution to the problem, that transitory short circuits are in most cases limited to a single phase. In case of a permanent local fault the 3-phase distribution transformer protected by the expulsion cut-out fuse is then still operating with the remaining two phases. It communicates with the unaffected two phases by short-distance radio and causes them to trip as well.

The automatic sectionalizer link SEIN is interchangeable with the fuse holder of the our expulsion cut-out fuses and other types available on the market.

Avoids melting of expulsion cut-out fuses due to transitory short circuits
Rigid mechanical design
Easy installation
Maintenance-free during total service life
Some Technical Features
Self contained device with integrated microprocessor
Short-distance radio communication between three phases
Staying inert in cases of transitory short circuit currents
Interchangeable with fuse holder of the most expulsion cut-out fuses available on the market

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