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Transformer tanks
rote Linie

We manufacture high quality metallic tanks for oil-immersed distribution and power transformer with power ratings from 50KVA up to 100 MVA and voltage ratings up to 245 kV. They are used by multinational transformer manufacturers as well as for our own demand.

Our tanks are designed and manufactured to withstand the normal and abnormal operating conditions of the transformer. This performance is verified by no-load and overpressure tests.

All tank components (profiles, plates, reinforcements, etc.) are assembled by specialists certified by accredited institutes, and using the most advanced welding systems.

Once assembled, any rust or burr is removed from the components by sand or shot-blasting and the tanks are painted. Our standard painting system meets the requirements of the standard UNE 20175.

Please contact us for more detailed information on our tanks and on alternative systems (galvanising, etc.).

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