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Distribution transformers
rote Linie

  rated power [kVA] from 50 up to 5000
  rated voltage [kV] up to 52

rated frequency [Hz]

50 / 60
  standards IEC 60076,

Our high quality liquid-insulated distribution transformers offer maximum availability at low maintenance costs and are available with ratings from 50 kVA up to 5000 kVA and voltage ratings up to 52 kV. Our standard transformer are designed and manufactured according to IEC 60076 and CENELEC HD428.

Our manufacturing program comprises hermetically sealed transformer, transformer with integrated air chamber or with conservator.

The tank is designed and manufactured to withstand the normal and abnormal operating conditions of the transformer preventing permanent deformations throughout the entire service life of the transformer.

Our raw-material and final product laboratories are equipped with the latest and best technology in order to carry out the most severe checks and tests requested by national and international standards for equipment used to manufacture transformers.

More than 30 years experience
Most sophisticated engineering and manufacturing resources with high degree of automation
Suitable for outdoor installation under harshest environmental conditions
State-of-the-art test laboratory
World wide references
Some Technical Features
Mineral oil, silicone or Midel can be used as insulating liquid
Floor and pole mounted transformers available
Cold-rolled core-orientated magnetic sheet steel staggered using "Step-Lap" technique
Increased efficiency due to reduced no-load and load losses
Wide range of optional accessories according to EN 50216

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