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Harmonic Filters
rote Linie

standard IEC-289; IEC-076
  tolerance "L" 3%
  intensity saturation nucleus 1,8 x In
  transity over voltage max. 7%
  Maximum overload 1,17 x In

Three phase harmonic filters are made of low losses grain oriented magnetic plates, permanent regime class F (155 ºC) cooper conductor and 90 ºC thermal protection relay.

With the purpose of increasing filters ventilation,windings are separated among them, improving thermal dissipation.

For small powers, connections are made by connectors terminal block and for higher powers terminal are used.

Standard surge factor is 7% with resonance frequency of 189 Hz for 50 Hz networks and 227 Hz for 60 Hz networks.

With this standard values in three phase networks and balanced loads, the 5th (250 Hz) harmonic and higher resosnant phenomenons are eliminated avoiding resonance between inductive impedance and three phase capacitors for power factor correction and preventing network capacitors and capacitor banks for overloads and overtones.


Ideal to eliminate the 5th /250Hz) and higher harmonics

Ready for installation
Maintenance free
Competitive prices
Some Technical Features
Made of low loss grain oriented magnetic sheets
Class F (155°C) insulation
Complete with thermal protection relay
Standard surge factor is 7% with resonance frequency of 189Hz for 50Hz networks C227Hz for 60HZ networks
According to standard IEC-289 and IEC-076
Copper windings

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