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Type  ELGAN 40      
  Rated current of main busbar In [A] up to 4000
  Rated current of the distribution bar In [A] up to 1600
  Rated insulation voltage Ui 1000
  Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp [kV] 8
  Rated operational voltage Ue [V] 690
  Rated short-time current main busbar Icw 130 kA / 1s

This modular switchboard system offers solutions for almost every standards by the use of variable panel dimensions (grid-dimension 12,5 mm).

The ELGAN 40 switchboard system is based on a line of type-tested standard control panels, which were tested with Siemens, ABB, Schneider Electric, Mitsubishi, Rittal and Jean Müller circuit-breakers and fuse-circuit- breaker-blocks.
The assembly in the outgoing panels can be applied in horizontal or vertical way.

By the use of the circuit-breaker-module for the slim-line outgoing panel we provide you the possibility to combine fuse-circuit-breakerblocks (NH00 to NH3) with compact-circuit breakers (up to 630A) in one panel.

3- or 4-pole main busbar system with PE-busbar system in blank, lacquered or isolated achievement (shock protected).

4-pole cable connecting bar system for the connection of cables up to 300mm².

Accessories for the system :

Align fixation, floor panels, angles, connectors, system covers. Furthermore stand bases in different measures are possible.

Type-tested switchboard system
Reference operating current up to 5000A
Reference temporary current-carrying capacity up to 100 kA/1s
Plug-ins up to 500A power rating

The variable built-in option of the assembly panel with regard to the plug-ins enables the utilization of    all components produced by various manufacturers
The exchangeable MCC plug-ins facilitate rapid repairs and short downtimes in compliance with    technical requirements
Some Technical Features
The Logstrup Draw-Out System is a completely modular type-tested switchboard system
It has variable plug assignment with very high contact pressure
The inner subdivision can be executed from Form 1 to Form 4
Area of application: Industrial systems with powerful   technical requirements, e.g. power stations, sewage works

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