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Panel Type W12
rote Linie

Type W12     
  rated voltage [kV] 12
  rated current [A] 630

rated short-time current 1s [kA]

16 / 20 / 25

W12 are metal enclosed switchgear for indoor installation in universal applications from compact ring cable switchgears up to complex power distribution switchgears. The W12 standard panel types are available in three different dimensional sizes:

W12-60 600 mm
W12-75 750 mm
W12-90 900 mm

All panels are type tested according to DIN VDE 0670, Part 6 (IEC 60298) including Pehla directive No 4. They are designed for use under normal operating conditions in compliance with DIN VDE 0670, Part 100 (IEC 60694)


Compact design

Versatile applications

Minimum amount of maintenance

Some Technical Features
Degree of protection IP3x
Arc proof tested 20kA for 1s
Single-wing door hingable left or right

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