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Double breaks
rote Linie
Type TFD  
  rated voltage [kV] 72.5 - 245
  rated current [A] 1250 - 2500

rated short-time current 3s [kA]

up to 50
Type TFX 
  rated voltage [kV] 170 - 420
  rated current [A] 2000 - 4000

rated short-time current 3s [kA]

up to 63

Type TID   

  rated voltage [kV] 52 - 123
  rated current [A] 400 - 3150

rated short-time current 3s [kA]

up to 40

The horizontal double break disconnectors consists of three poles. Each pole consists of a frame, two supporting insulators at each end and one rotating insulator in the centre, on which the main blade is mounted. The types TFD and TFX are for outdoor, the type TID for indoor use.

They can be equipped with insulators in accordance with DIN, IEC or other specifications.

The double break disconnectors are operated single-pole or three-pole by means of a motor or manual operated drive mechanism inside an IP54 housing, with torques up 850Nm and including up to 10 auxiliary contacts for position indication.

Optional earthing switches can be build-on to the horizontal double break disconnector to the right hand side and/or to the left hand side.

All disconnectors are designed and tested in accordance with latest IEC specifications.


More than 70 years experience

Durable and reliable design

Pre-assembled and adjusted in our works for quick installation

Easy installation and adjustment at site without special tools
Suitable for installation in areas with severe climatic conditions
Virtually maintenance free
Long service life

Some Technical Features
Square tube frame with bearing housing and the turntable installed in the centre
Turntable supported by two roller bearings with bearing housing sealed and filled up with grease
Silver-plated copper contacts installed inside the main blade
Contact fingers with stainless steel springs to ensure reliable contact pressure
Self-cleansing contacts
Optional anti-corona shields depending on voltage rating
Hot-dip galvanized steel parts

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